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Technology of Green Fuel Catalyst

Green Fuel Catalyst which is based on a patent protected Fitch® technology, is manufactured in USA. Catalyst consists of a Heterogeneous Metallic Alloy Composition (HMAC) which transforms and reformulates the molecular composition of a hydrocarbon fuel at ambient temperatures and pressures. Catalyst is not consumed, and requires no additives while having no moving parts, no magnets, no electrical hook-ups, and requires minimum to no maintenance. 

Green Fuel Catalyst reformulates various types of hydrocarbon fuels (except the LNG), such as diesel, fuel oil, gasoline, propane, heavy fuel oil, marine gas oil, marine diesel oil, natural gas to name a few..

This state of the art technology induces more complete combustion chemical reaction, resulting in fuel savings and reduced emissions. 

Mission statement


Our MISSION is to introduce as many clients as possible with the effective and efficient Green Fuel Catalyst in order they could benefit from both, the reduced fuel energy consumption, and also significantly decreased environmental pollution.



Our VISION is to create an effective distribution network by 2023 in order to make catalysts readily available to all customers in maritime community.



We believe that mutual respect for each other along with ethically high level of responsibility in regards to what we do, what we promise, and how we deliver our goals transforms the world we all live in into a much better place today, and in the long run as well.  


Patented Fitch® catalyst technology originally was invented during late 1980’s by a famous American auto racer and inventor, John Cooper Fitch (1917-2012) who later co-founded a company to further develop and manufacture products under Fitch logo.

To date technology is used in various applications and markets, such as marine, power generation & heating, construction, mining and also military industries. Customers include many Fortune 500 companies, various American military branches, such as US Navy, US Air Force, National Guard, and many municipal and state agencies, as well as private corporations..

Currently over 100,000 fuel catalysts are being used by customers in various aforementioned industries worldwide.

Fitch® technology is protected by various patents within USA and internationally..