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INDUCONT business is focused on various industrial segments. We supply and install equipment in various market segments comprising of oil refineries, marine vessels, chemical process plants, mining, dairy, and water & wastewater treatment facilities.

Our company offers a full range of services – from the design stage to equipment installation, commissioning and service. We evaluate the existing process and its efficiency, including evaluation of the energy consumption, offering economically and technically viable solutions, that optimize the performance of the overall system. 

Experience shows that the services we provide. are sought and necessary, however, not sufficiently supplied within our region. INDUCONT is meeting this demand with the highest quality of equipment, and engineering solutions and is always striving for excellence to meet and exceed the expectations.
INDUCONT represents several world-class companies, such as Danfoss, Krohne, and also is developing the market for the patented APSI Inc. product line.

INDUCONT SIA was founded in 2004 in Riga, Latvia. The company’s office is located in Ritausmas street 11b, Riga. The company’s founder and CEO is Maris Dizgalvis.
Since 2008, Inducont SIA has a sister company INDUCONT OU which is located on Treiali 2 street, Offices 209-210 in Tallinn, Estonia and is managed by Francis Dizgalvis while also serving as the catalyst technology’s Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) regarding Green Fuel Catalyst which is based on patented Fitch® technology.
INDUCONT frequently takes part in industrial technology exhibitions and fairs.

Mission statement


Our MISSION is to introduce as many clients as possible with the effective and efficient Green Fuel Catalyst in order they could benefit from both, the reduced fuel energy consumption, and also significantly decreased environmental pollution.



Our VISION is to create an effective distribution network by 2023 in order to make catalysts readily available to all customers in maritime community.



We believe that mutual respect for each other along with ethically high level of responsibility in regards to what we do, what we promise, and how we deliver our goals transforms the world we all live in into a much better place today, and in the long run as well.  

Technology of Green Fuel Catalyst

Engines are designed to run on refinery grade fuel. At the time fuel is refined, it is at its purest state however, it deteriorates rapidly as it oxidizes and is attacked by a host of organisms like bacteria, yeast, molds, that change the molecular structure of the fuel. If not treated or restored before the combustion, such fuel will not burn effectively producing more emissions, and less useful energy.

Green Fuel Catalyst which is based on Fitch® technology that's manufactured by APSI Inc. in USA, consists of a patented Heterogeneous Metallic Alloy Composition (HMAC) which transforms and reformulates the molecular composition of a hydrocarbon fuel at ambient temperatures and pressures. Catalyst is not consumed, and requires no additives lasting for years after initial installation. Green Fuel Catalyst has no moving parts, no additives, no magnets, no electrical hook-ups, and is maintenance free. 

Catalyst effectively is acting like an ''Onboard Mini Refinery’’ just before the engine or combustion chamber reversing the naturally occuring fuel degradation process. As a result it is allowing to extract maximum energy from the hydrocarbon fuel with a cleaner and more efficient combustion. Catalyst technology also enhances Oxygenation process accelerating the combustion reaction (lowering reaction activation energy) resulting into more positive work done per the same fuel quantity used. Green Fuel Catalyst reformulates various type of hydrocarbon fuels, such as diesel, fuel oil, gasoline, propane, heavy fuel oil, marine gas oil, marine diesel oil, natural gas to name a few..

Patented Fitch® technology causes removal of hydrogen atoms from ring-shaped aromatic molecules (such as benzene) by transforming them into branched aliphatic molecules, which accept Oxygen more readily (Oxygenation). The freed up hydrogen is then redistributed to other molecules.

This state of the art technology induces more complete combustion chemical reaction, resulting in Fuel Savings while also Reducing Emissions





Patented Fitch® technology originally was invented during late 1980’s by a famous American racing driver and inventor John Cooper Fitch (1917-2012) who later co-founded Advanced Power Systems International (APSI) company to further develop and manufacture products under Fitch logo.

To date Fitch fuel products are used in various applications and markets, such as Marine, Power & Heating, and Mining industries. Customers include many Fortune 500 companies, military such as the US Navy and Air Force, National Guard, and many municipal and state agencies, as well as private corporations..

Currently over 15,000 Fitch Fuel Catalysts are being used by customers in commercial and recreational Marine market alone, while over 100,000 installations comprise Power & Heating, and Mining industry client base, with 500 + installations on large marine vessels.

Fitch® technology is patented both within USA and internationally, and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and is US Coast Guard accepted.