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Thousands of operating hours or millions of kilometers travelled represent millions of tons of fuel consumed, thousands of barrels of lubricants, and tens of thousands of man hours for maintenance. Green Fuel Catalyst affects a significant reduction of all of the above. Field and laboratory tested heavy machinery vehicles range from 2-12% in fuel savings. The financial impact in fuel savings alone is significant, not to mention the savings for motor oil which will last longer due to a cleaner, cooler operating engine. The resultant efficiencies include less wear, less time and cost for maintenance, less down time and a major increase in travel time between overhauls. Catalyst provides permanent fuel treatment technology for diesel fuel, biodiesel fuel oil, gasoline, and propane.



  • Heavy mining machinery
  • Large construction trucks or diesel fleets
  • Forestry and logging machinery
  • Military machinery and vehicles
  • Locomotives

Treatment with Green Fuel Catalyst enhances gas station quality fuel by boosting octane in gasoline and improving cetane and lubricity in diesel. Catalyst treated fuel burns more efficiently, producing ultimate performance from any engine. Catalyst, based on Fitch® technology offers an easy to install kit or a drop in tank application. Because Fitch boosts octane, this allows engines requiring premium fuel to operate on a lower grade fuel without sacrificing any performance.



  • Fuel economy 2% or more
  • Carbon footprint and emission reduction (Less NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, PM10, soot)
  • Improves horsepower, torque
  •  Improve cetane number
  • Easier engine starting, especially during cold weather
  • Reduces emissions, soot and opacity
  • Will not void manufacturer warranty
  • Extends engine lifetime
  • Induces more effective and complete combustion
  • Improves cetane and lubricity in diesel fuel
  • No moving parts, no additives, no magnets
  • Easy and simple installation
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